About Us

Sastha Modern Rice Mill, Indian rice manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in India. Established in the year 1992 by Mr. M. Mariappan. He started rice mill in small level and by his undeterred effort the production, now on large capacity.

We are tend to manufacture and supply an enormous range of Ponni Boiled rice, Rajabogam rice, Thanjavur Ponni rice, Deluxe Ponni rice, Sona rice, Steamed rice, Raw rice, Idly Rice in India . In order to provide the delicious Indian rice varieties to the customers in India and abroad, we have developed our own methods and strategies which are helping us in producing healthy and nutritious forms of rice.

Rice Quality

We procure paddy directly from farmers, who adopt progressive farming methods, by paying higher price for high quality paddy.We assess the moisture content of the raw paddy, and dry the same adequately to enable the grain to retain the aroma, texture and solidity commensurate with the desired high quality of rice we seek to give to our customers. We regularly monitor the quality of Paddy in stock to ensure that the quality does not decline in storage. While taking the stored paddy for processing, we make a thorough examination of each batch to fix the yardsticks in the various process, such as soaking, hulling, milling, sorting etc.,

All these processes utilise the best technological innovations utilised by world leaders in grain processing technologies and the milled rice is subjected to stringent quality assessment to ensure that the final product pass all the parameters we have fixed for our brand and is good enough to be marketed under our Brand, and packed in various sizes under exacting hygienic conditions. All these efforts bear fruit when our rice is favourably compared with other brands. The same rice which we offer in domestic market is routinely exported, without any additional quality processing, and hygienic standards are very stringent.